Tuesday, May 16, 2017

11/02/2016 Meeting

1.    Greeting customers, offering assistance -Customers are first priority, if you see a customer that is in need of an assistant, take care of them first. 
2.    Be mindful of taking customers and signing up for the computers –As a rover try to help customers immediately. If a customer asks for a computer pass, follow up with a question: “Have you done this before?” or ask if they have a library card and go from there.
3.    Answering the telephone, please don’t let it ring more than twice. 
4.    Follow the schedule –especially for desk and desk roving, be on time. –Try to be 2-3 minutes early for desk or desk roving assignment. 
5.    Verifying money yourself before signing. Please make sure that you count the money yourself before signing for it. You become accountable for the things you sign so please be aware. 
6.    Magazine must have C written on it for it to be checked out. Please do not override a magazine for a customer. They are able to check out magazines which “C” on it, not the ones on display. The “C” on the magazine stands for circulating which means it is available for circulation.
7.    Please do not leave any books behind the stacks (Lillian’s desk) as it is a fire hazard.
8.    Job Search training. (Refresher) If there is something that you feel like you need more training on please ask one of the managers or associate and we can create a refresher training program for everyone.
9.    Two weeks to complete the health assessment.
10.  “How can we get rid of stress”
·         Read a chapter of a book you like during lunch
·         Do something that you enjoy
·         Eat fruits J
·         Take a nap during lunch
11.  Book drop duties – Please be aware that if you’re scheduled for book drop. 
Mon and Wed: You are responsible until 6 p.m. 
Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat: You are responsible until close of business. 
12.  Hear Plan
13.  HPL App – Please download the HPL app on your phone, and encourage customers to use it. 
14.  Talent Management Training – Please check how many hours of training you need. 
15.  Floating Holidays – Please provide a 30 day notice. It is on “First come First serve” base.  Floating holidays expire Dec 31 and do not carry to next year.
16.  CMC – We raised $105 and as a team decided to donate to St.Jude Hospital because they treat children with cancers who cannot afford the treatment.
17.  Nintendo DSi. -As a parent multiple checkouts are allowed but a child can only checkout 1 Nintendo DSi on their library card. More info on this will be provided by Jayla.