Tuesday, May 16, 2017


·   Turn Kid’s section into an Art museum. -The idea of turning kid's section into an art museum was brought up. Ms. Marcia recommended that we do this periodically, based upon different themes depending on the month. We will be looking into different Alief Elementary schools to bring more life into our library!
·    What would you like to see on the staff blog -ESL and GED information, Resource guide will be added on the blog for staff's convenience.
·    Holiday Schedule (9:15 -6:15 11/23/2016)
·    Participate in creating Blow horn.
·    December 17th is the Christmas party! (Saturday).
·    Organize books horizontally; do not just place them on the brown cart.
·    Work area (keeping tidy, placing carts to enable accessibility)
·    Using funds to purchase a cooked turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner
·    CMC Update
·    Book Drop responsibilities – from now on one person will be assigned to work on book drop throughout the day.
·    Hold Shelf- Items are showing in transit (needs to be checked in)
·    Grey Bins – Audio bin will be relocated elsewhere
·    Front Bins – Assign staff for the last hour for this