Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1/12/2017 Meeting

Facility Update - Ceiling holes, teen area, air vent, children's area, outside book drop are all fixed.
Pending: Library signs, big meeting room

In the meeting it was brought up that the employee exit is too dark so a work order has been put up for that. The cause of leaked ceiling is water on the roof.

Money will be done in PM. There was a talk of doing money in the AM, it has been decided that the library will continue to do money in the evening.

Staff needs to check out their own item - Please do not forget to check out items before taking them home, and check out items using self-checkout.

Copy & Pasting the schedule

Reassigning the shelving areas for the ex-staff

Book Alarm- This was addressed by Monica, she advises that it is important to place the material on the pad. If the gate beeps, the ask the customer to come back to the desk and then 
1)Count the items 2)Desensitize the items.

Emergency Exit Keys are located in Monica's office in a glass bowl, labeled.

After School Food Notes - Explained by Jayla, we were visited by the food program and there were couple of things we were dong wrong such as, handing out seconds, No handing out meals after 4:30 but you're allowed to hand out a meal at 4:29.

Meeting room procedure, when Rita is out.

New Copy Machine is for managers use only.  

Meeting led by Mo who brought us Ice cream!