Tuesday, May 16, 2017

12/7/2016 Meeting


  • Training course will schedule in January 2017.
    The Librarian Guide to Homelessness: Practical Online Training 2-1/2 hour so you can solve problems with compassion: To access Training, please click this link http://www.homelesslibrary.com/houston
    This training is mandatory and due in mid-February.
  • Please straight-up hold shelves whenever you are roving.
  • Toy Drive: Please contribute toys before Santa Claus comes on Wednesday, December 21. We will have coloring books, crayons and teddy bears for the kids. 
  • Wall Clock for the front desk.
  • Badges should be worn at all times by employees (especially when interacting with customers)
  • Online Library Card Registration – In the development stages. HPL is working on developing a way for patrons to sign up for their cards at home. 
  • Some Jung-man staff will be assisting us on Mondays (due to the fact that they are closed) we will be having Isabel and Martin helping us every other Monday.
  •  Interfiling of Classics, we will start this, however for now we will not be interfiling the catalog Romance novels. New books that will be interfiling with the collection, current paperbacks classics with the classics stickers will still be in their specified section. The paperback romances will not be interfile. 
  • Safety Training
  • Encourage patrons to download the HPL App
  • Individual meetings with Manager every two months will start in January 2017. These meetings will be different from the HEAR plans progress meetings.
  • Flip Kits- Tags
  • Alief Blog Update – Rita
  • Graphic Novel Update - Jayla. 
  • Self-Check - over 94% for self-check! Great job Team!!!