Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1/4/2017 Meeting

Facility - Work order for sewer and roof over the checkout kiosk have been put in. If there are any other work orders that need to be processed please consult with Mo.

Passport inquiry -  Please have basic knowledge of passport such as timing and passport checklist. Also, advise the patron that every situation is unique.

Homeless training -  needs to be done by February. Please communicate with your manager to have time set up for your training, if you are already done with training send your completion certificate to your manager.

Book Drop - It is the assigned person's responsibility to check on book drop periodically. If you see the book drop piling up you can let the assigned person know so they can process it.

Intranet Password - If you don't have your intranet password please contact IT at 31570

Display - Do not allow any for profit flyers to be displayed.

FIDS - If a vehicle has been abandoned for more than 48 hours on parking lot - contact FIDS.

Absence or Tardy - Must speak with a manager or supervisor within 30 minutes after start time.

Employee lunch cannot be shortened below 30 minutes if working over 6 hours.

15 minutes break for each 4 hour work period; not to extend lunch or shorten work day.

FMLA - has worked for city of Houston for 12 months - Paternity leave, only as vacation time, not sick time.

Grievance must be filed within 30 days.

Workers comp filed within 24 hours of accident

-No right to privacy
-Need to have this disclaimer in the signature: "This e-mail contains the thoughts and opinions of the (employee name) and does not represent official Houston Public Library Policy"
-No personal E-mails
-No personal monetary gain
-Do not send e-mails to "All Employees"

Not on agenda:

Holds policy was discussed, holds should be cleared in 7 days.
Maximum number of holds a patron can hold is 30.
Temporary resident card is good for 30 days, and patron can check out up to 3 items.

Notice from Ms. Marcia: Please do not abuse your library card privileges. Soliciting of any kind is not allowed that includes, girl scout cookies. Children 7-14 years have to be supervised, if left alone for more than an hour, one supervisor and an employee should stay with the unattended child for 30 minutes and then contact the police.

The policy can be found here.
"Parents/guardians/caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and for regulating the behavior of their children while in the Library. Children under the age of seven may not be left unattended at any time. Children between the ages of seven and fourteen should not be left unattended for more than one hour unless engaged in an HPL program, or at closing time."