Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2/1/2017 Meeting

Bins (Central & Holds) - Don't over stack items in the gray bins and make sure to grab another bin and stack it properly so the area stays organized.

Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Preparedness information is posted on the bulletin board located by employee entrance.

Kronos Punches (Time & Attendance) Please be diligent about punching in and out on time. If there are any changes that need to be made then e-mail your immediate supervisor in a timely manner. Remember, tardies can easily drop you from 5 to 1, so be mindful of that. It is your responsibility to check your time card at least twice weekly to make sure you're meeting your required number of hours (eg. 20, 40)

Answering of the Telephone - It was pointed out by Ms. Marcia that the team is doing a great job at answering the phone within three rings.

Great Job Team!

Missing Report -  Each Monday Ms. Marcia will print out the Missing report. Focus on items starting from 2015, and bring the report back to Ms. Marcia's office when completed. 

Homeless Training - Everyone should have Homeless Training done by now. The due date is Feb. 6th. Send your certificate to hpltraining@houstontx.gov and include your name, employee number, title of training, date of completion, number of training hours to receive credit. 

Orphan books - A spreadsheet has been created on the blog to log in Orphan books

Anticipation & Customer Service - Please remember that Houston Public Library is highly customer-focused organization, which means that we must try our best to anticipate customer's needs.
-Ask customers if they have used the new computer system before handing them a temporary pass. If they have not used the system then provide them with instructions or show them if possible.

Desk/Desk Roving - While attending the desk, listen for the signs to assist customers.

For example:
  • If a customer is struggling to enter the correct PIN number then go assist them with obtaining the correct pin number. 
  • If you notice a long line forming by self checkout then head there to assist the patrons to expedite the process.
Listen to the sounds and act accordingly. 

Tax (AARP) - Tax services will be at the library until April 12. More information is available here.