Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2/22/2017 Meeting & Weekly updates

Hello Team! Marcia E-mailed out the weekly updates, they're readily available for your convenience. 
    The schedule is flexible, there are times when you may be on the desk 2 or even 3 times for a particular day (Most staff with the exception of passport are cross-trained to do multiple tasks.)

    We are seeing very large numbers for the passports (many of whom speak Spanish, therefore Isabel and Monica may be covering passports meaning not able to be on the desk (we ask for your understanding with this).

    Alex will be on leave of absence from February 28th and will return on April 1st.

    Viet will be on leave of absence from March 14th through to April 26th.

    Last week I met with Alief ISD and we are hoping to start bussing in students for the Teen Zone starting on April 3rd.

    We are hoping for 30 students (this means that we will start requesting 48 lunches to cover After School Meal for this program, will update you accordingly on this.

    By the end of this week hopefully we will be able to announce that the Sr. LSS-Tech position is filled.

    We had 102 passports on Saturday, February 25th, Kudos to the entire team.

    Please be respectful of your fellow co-workers we all work together and I have had a few staff members come to me regarding this.

    Please call the location if you are going to be out and notify your supervisor as well.

    I have created a new way for us to track our outreaches. Check your E-mails for the passwords.

    Please use the calendar that is under this gmail account to log all of your outreaches, this will ensure that I am only going to one source for all outreaches, rather than going through multiple emails from staff members to determine when you have an outreach, thanks.  I have updated for today an outreach that Nagma has, please see the format within which it was created and use that as a guide, if you have any questions, please email me separately or stop by the office.

    If you believe that I have left any updates off or if you have an item to add, please let me know, respond separately or stop by the office, thanks.

    Meeting Notes 2/22/2017

    Team is working towards exceeding expectations
    -The library looks good
    -Promotional opportunities
    -Developmental Plan - Training on how to interview
    -Many internal candidates do not speak towards their library experience
    -If they do not mention it in the interview, we cannot consider it in the hiring decision

    Customer Service Training - Presented by Monica Siboldi
    Novelist Training - Jayla Parks
    Facilities Report Updates - Mo Ahmad

    Team is working towards exceeding expectations
    -The library looks good

    Housekeeping Items
    -Passports - Awesome Job!!
    -Full time employees, please use your keys whenever possible to open back door. Part timers; if the library is open to the public please use the front door
    -Whenever our Smart money is down in the front please process items in the passport office (Ask Mo or Ghulam to process)
    -Schedule time to be at work
    -Crayola Kiosk - Be mindful, some of the iPads have been stolen

    Absence or tardy
    -Must speak with supervisor or some other person authorized by supervisor within 30 minutes after start time.
    -Employee lunches cannot be shortened below 30 minutes if working over 6 hours15 minutes break for each hour work period; not to extend lunch or shorten work day-6 or more hours work time, must have  a 30 minute lunch
    -Death in family Leave – up to 3 days; father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, child, stepchild, grandparent and grandchild – Some special consideration can be given in other cases. Submit obituary or funeral program

    Minors, 17 and under, 9 – 2:30pm curfew on school days if unaccompanied by guardian
    -14 and under unattended after hours, must stay with them until their ride comes
    -Librarian in charge and one other staff member must wait at some distance from child
    -In Inclement weather, child can wait inside building

    -More information found here


    -Maximum of 30 holds-Stay on shelf for 7 days-Automatically expire, if unfilled after 365 days

    Break-out sessions
    -Discussions on Programming and outreaches