Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2/8/2017 Meeting

This week's meeting was facilitated by Viet.

Today we welcome our new team member Michelle, and also introducing Nicole.

Nicole will be training in passports and will report back to Collier Public Library, and Michelle is joining us as a part timer.


Properly place carts in the right location.
LMS will be picking up 10 carts, please be mindful of where you place the carts and do not block Jayla's office

3M Gate.
If the alarm goes off, ask the patron to come back and then:
1. Desensitize the item
2. Check their receipt

Self-Check is doing a great job to save employees time and effort. However, we need someone to assist with customers when there is a line forming. If you see a crowd, stay around to assist the patrons. The desk rover on duty should keep an eye out for that, also anyone from the staff team can assist

Schedule has to be corrected - The schedules are finalized on Sundays, if you see something wrong then speak up and communicate with management
*If you are e-mailing your supervisors any changes or days off requests, kindly CC: Marcia to keep her informed.

Volunteer Schedule required - The team has expressed that volunteer's schedule should be accessible. Marcia will be reaching out to other branches to see how they handle volunteer's schedules.

Fan is needed for the classrooms for the approaching warm weather. Many class attendees have complained that the room is too hot
*Send a list of items that can be purchased with book sale money, such as paper cutter, fan or anything that you think we will need to Marcia's E-mail.

It was pointed out by Viet, that the last 2-hour meeting was effective and he has seen many improvement within the team.

but we can always step our game up and improve further!

So, moving forward Let us:

Share the work load
 if needed, use common sense to help and relieve the crowd.
For example- Help with print card if you are on book drop/front bins.
*Always take care of the customers first, let's help each other with out being asked.

If we follow the same policy and rules, it will reinforce our operation and help to run the library smoothly.

-One thing to remember is that we should all be on the same page about policies and procedures, for instance, everyone should discharge books in the back if the customer has requested a receipt. Another example is that we do not reserve computers for customers, they must go to reservation station to use a computer.

Remember: No assigning computers, Ever!

Donation/book Sale- If we receive a donation, let us try our best to place it properly on the shelf located in the workroom.

Pick up/straightening
-It was pointed out by Monica, that we could improve on picking up and straightening. As a refresher she demonstrated what to do as a librarian and what not to do. We want to leave our library as if nothing happened, start a fresh new everyday!

Going forward, the last meeting of the month will be for 2-hour.
  Everyone comes in at 10 on February 22nd!!!