Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3/1/2017 Meeting

Staff Meeting Notes- Wednesday, March 1st 2017
Meeting ran by Ms.Rita

For Your Information
No longer a Saturday craft, will be offered on Friday from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Very large number of passport applications, when answering calls, do not guarantee patron will be processed if arrive one hour before closing.

COMET Volunteer Program – Marcia

Computer class schedule will remain the same

Clarification Needed
Should staff still extend time from staff computer? Only in certain situations staff can extend time for patrons. For example, if they’re taking a test, filling out job applications or such. Conventionally, the patron will be given prompts up to four times. After that, if they still need to use the computer they will need to get a new pass and move to a different station. 

How and when is Flip kit surveys sent to CMH? Marcia will find out more regarding this question.

Is advising patrons to buy something from booksale for change ok? Advising a patron to buy something from booksale is not recommended. A patron could hand you a $20 bill and buy an item for a quarter resulting in emptying our cash drawer.

When is it okay to issue an adult card if youth card has fines?  A situation was brought up in the meeting when one of our staff member encountered a patron that was now an adult trying to obtain a library card that had an existing youth account. In this situation, it is recommended that you communicate to the customer about the existing record and find out if they are able to pay for it; however, since the card was guaranteed by their parents, it is not their responsibility to take care of that fine. Depending on the situation, you may create a new record for the patron, for which they will be responsible for.

Proper way to shelve CD’s – Marjorie

Please follow the schedule and check throughout the day
Explain process of printing, don’t just tell patron they need a $1 for a print card
Don’t make a habit of passing tasks to someone else(If you don’t know, ask for instructions to learn for yourself)
Every staff member on floor 30 minutes before closing

Workflows Tips- Rita Mosby went over helpful tips over sirsi.