Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3/22/2017 Meeting

Weekly Updates 3/21/2017 – 3/27/2017

·        Once again thanks to all of our staff for your unbelievable commitment to providing excellent service during a hectic spring break week.  We processed numerous passports, offered program daily for kids (Kudos Jayla), created amazing displays (Kudos Nagma and Michelle) and focused on providing excellent service.

·         Welcome back Monica, you were missed!!

·         Alex will be returning in April, welcome back Alex, you were missed!!

·         Marjorie was ill and so wasn’t able to host the meeting last week, so I have set it back for two weeks and Marjorie will host the meeting on April 11th 2017. 

·         Alex, I will have you host the meeting after you have had a chance to come back and get acclimated.

·         Marcia will be out of office on Tuesday, March 28th 2017.  

·         Marcia has LIP Project Week, the week of April 3rd and may be out for the entire week.

·         On Saturday, April 22, 2017, from 10 am to 12 noon, we will piloting the Living Room @ HPL with our, Books, Bikes, & Buddies series, see additional info in brackets below.  Major Kudos to Jayla for all her work on this!!
(Welcome to your neighborhood Living Room! Join us over coffee and tea to welcome 35 refugee children and their families to Alief, as they arrive on new bikes that were gifted from the community! Get to know these families, and learn more about the refugee resettlement process. Come and enjoy activities, conversations and international foods for all ages.) 

·         On April 3rd AliefISD will be bussing in students for our after school meal program, Jayla will be working closely with Nagma and Analisa with this new initiative.

·         On April 4th, we will start our Open Job Lab series workshop in collaboration with WorkForce Solutions and AliefISD at Elsik high school. Isabel Veloz and Iqra will be working with this.

·         Monica is piloting a new program that will be launched later on this year, she has been working to gather data and to create a plan, and I am super excited to hear more about it.

·         Isabel Veloz is working on various computer programs that she will start teaching once Viet returns, these classes will start in May of 2017.

·         Special thanks to Rita and Isabel Veloz for assuming the responsibility of teaching Viet’s classes.

·         Special thanks to Isabel Gongora for translating our passport information into Spanish.

I have created a new way for us to track our outreaches, we have a new gmail account, please check your e-mail for log-in information.  Please use the calendar that is under this gmail account to log all of your outreaches.

Please see below the list for hosting a staff meeting, if there are any conflicts please let me know, thanks.

If you believe that I have left any updates off or if you have an item to add, please let me know, respond separately or stop by the office, thanks.

Meeting Notes 3/22/17

Bed bugs in our books! –We received several books in the book return that had bed bugs and blood stain in them. We also discovered some books in the teen area that were infected by bed bugs.

English Literacy signup sheet – Located at the front desk. If someone is interested in learning English they can sign up for for English literacy and Literacy advance of Houston will get in touch with them.

If you want to serve as a substitute when one of the tutor cannot make it, let Marcia know. 
Open Enrollment ends April 7th!!


We will be busing kids for after school zone starting April 3rd till the end of school year. Beginning at 4:30 to 6:00 lunch ending at 5. Kids will be accompanied by an After School Coordinator.

We will be getting 3 interns for Summer!

Jayla has been tirelessly planning for Books, Bikes and Buddies program for the Syrian Refugees on April 22nd! More than 60 Syrian refugees will be joining us to find out more about the library services.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Updates!

Weekly Updates 3/13/2017 – 3/20/2017

Passports! Passports! And more Passports! We processed over 600 passports between this time timeframe!!Kudos to the entire passport Team and to all staff members who covered the desks, book drops, Roving, shelving DVD’s and all other functions. 

I would really be remiss if I didn’t give special acknowledgements to Ghulam, Mo, Rita, Nagma, Monica, Alex, Jayla and of course Ms. Isabel Gongora for all their hardwork at the passport offices, there were times when they either didn’t take lunch or reduced their lunch time, your hardwork and dedication was truly appreciated!!

I am not sure what this coming week will be for passports and so will adjust the schedule as necessary, please be mindful of this, as we may all be required to adjust the schedule as necessary.

Please be mindful of starting your scheduled assignments on time, far too often certain employees are not at their assigned stations (especially desk), if this continue we will start documenting and following the proper procedures as is necessary.

We have made changes in the seating in the work area, there will also be additional changes in the coming weeks.

Marjorie will be hosting our staff meeting on Wednesday March 22nd 2017.  Please work on your assignment for our last meeting this month.

On Wednesday, March 22nd I will be downtown on an Interview Panel.  I will also be coming in the afternoon on Tuesday, March 21st.

On Tuesday, March 21st both Michelle and Isabel will be going for passport training.

We have a binder that is labeled “Domestic Waste Water Permit Renewal Application” customers may be coming in and asking for this, they can review and then give back to us.  This binder is located on the top of the laptop cabinet.

Please ensure that you are using the new gmail account to log your outreaches (Check your E-mail for password)

Please see below the list for hosting a staff meeting, if there are any conflicts please let me know, thanks.

If you believe that I have left any updates off or if you have an item to add, please let me know, respond separately or stop by the office, thanks.