Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3/29/2017 Meeting

Meeting Notes 3/29/2017

1.Shutting off Workflows when leaving desk

2.RFID tagging delivery
-We need to ensure that we are tagging all incoming delivery. Lillian does an awesome job at delivery, this is not a big concern for us but if we do come across something that needs to be tagged let’s jump on it and tag!

3. Things to do as early as possible (beat the delivery drivers)

-Clear holds

4.Things to do at end of day if possible
-Get all items checked in from book drop

5.Processed and pulled items
-Pulled: Items on the paging lists
-Processed: Items received in delivery, items that come across the
desk as holds for customers (both in house and to send in delivery),
and items cleared from the holdshelf

6.Connect (Hotspot Lending)
-30 of these going to Jungman
-Can coordinate to checkout for use with outreach if not being used much at Jungman

-Possible kiosks to help with new residents to find information

8.Designated Backup
-Creating backups for programs and various functions For instance, If Isabel is not here we need someone to work on serials.

9.Minimum staffing to open door
-2 is the minimum to simply open the door
-If we see that 2 is all that is coming and there is an enormous amount of customers, we can reassess the situation later in the day
-More than likely if the situation is such that no staff can make it, no customers will make it. As the situation improves and customers start coming in, likely staff will come in as well.

10.Keys for alarm panels
-Location of keys to get into the various closets and alarm panels

11.Deposit bags
-Make it easy for the drivers by hanging around and signing the paperwork for them
-Whoever signs for the lunch delivery please place the food in Fridge, this should not only be done by Jayla and Nagma.

Assigned duties:
Staff needs to be at their assigned tasks on time.  
Marcia, Monica and Jayla will start monitoring this and if it’s not adhered to we will start documenting and taking appropriate actions.
If a staff member has completed their assigned tasks and not on a break or lunch, please Rove or find another task.

Programming!! Programming!! Programming!! We are heavily focused on programs, so once again identify a program that you would like to start and let me know. 

Break-out sessions
Discussions on Programming and Outreaches

In the break out session we were separated in four different groups to discuss SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)

Strength was covered by Nagma, Isabel, Mai
Respectively, Weakness - Ghulam, Marjorie and Michelle
Opportunities - Jayla, Lillian and Iqra
Threats - Analisa, Rita, Monica and Isabel V