Tuesday, May 16, 2017

4/12/17 Meeting

Meeting ran by Marjorie

1. Please place all magazines in the basket behind Isabel’s desk.

2. Remember that the laptop folder for check out place in the middle cabinet with the DVD’S.

3. When a DVD case is returned empty and you enter the information please enter the name of the DVD and the barcode number.

4. Answering the telephone, please don’t let it ring more than twice.

5. When you receive the mail would you place the items on Isabel desk?

6. On Friday we should set up the meeting room for passports the last hour so we will have everything together on Saturday and not rush.

7. We need to build a relationship with everybody to have an excellent team in the work place. 

Marcia Discussed: 
Leadership Institute Program - Marcia will be out this Monday for the leadership graduation.
HPL Opportunities - Please let Marcia know if you are applying for a position so she can prepare you.
Last meeting of the month - April 26th, Team building exercises, and celebration!

Happy birthday Mo and Isabel!