Tuesday, May 16, 2017

4/19/2017 Meeting

Meeting led by Isabel G.

When an AV ILL item is returned, please, use the envelopes provided, to secure and protect the material, before putting the item in the bin. The envelops are located in the first cabinet by the orphan books, if there are no envelops there then grab one from the storage room and write ILL on it before sending it out. 

DVD Collection:  all BIO have to be shelve based on the call number, same with any other DVD.

When doing bookdrop in the work area, please unload the book truck in the sorting area; never take them to the front.

Rita needs everybody’s help to create a list of most common questions/problems that our customers have when working on the computers: “how to print”, how to attach a document”. Send an E-mail to Ms. Rita by the end of this month 4/30

When finished a program, please put away all the materials that you have used, and make sure the book truck in place in sorting area

Pronunciation Introduction Webinar. Mandatory by May 1st. Find the link in the email from Marianne Lorio from March 2nd. Remember to sign the sheet to get your 30 minutes credit.

Please, follow the schedule and be at your assigned area promptly. Your coworker is waiting to be release and move on to the next task.

When taking a personal phone call, please be mindful to keep your voice low/move to another area, but most important, remember to be brief, and return to your assigned job.

The housekeeping lady is not coming today, please wash your dishes.
Never stamp/discard a subscription plan book (Yellow Label). They need to be returned to LMS Float. Yellow labels are subscription books from places like Barnes & Nobles and they need to be returned to ALIEF-FLOAT. 

In addition to the agenda Marcia talked about the Refugee event which will take place on Saturday April 22nd. We will be having Houston Chronicle covering our event, please refer them to our communication representative for any questions or comments. Marcia will be sending out an e-mail regarding this, so keep an eye out for it.

We will also be getting a Q-list feature, a system that will allow passport customers to get in line with their phone!  We should have everything ready to go by end of May.