Tuesday, May 16, 2017

4/26/2017 Meeting

Welcome back Viet!!!

When passport customers need to fill out a form, please direct them to the laptop bar or tables. Anywhere besides the book return area. 

Q-less is coming soon. Be aware of how we’ll answer the phone regarding passport questions.

The schedule is set up according to the chain of command. In the absence of a certain person, look at the schedule to see who’s the next person in charge down the line.

When doing book drop in the work area, please unload the book truck in the sorting areal never take them to the front.

Place items back into their proper place when it’s no longer in use. 
Flip Kits on hold, they need to go to CMH to be refurbished.

Never stamp/discard a subscription plan book (yellow). They need to be return to LMS Float. 

Pronounciator Introduction Webinar. Mandatory by May 1st. Find the link in the email from Marianne Lorio from March 2nd. Remember to sign the sheet to get your 30 minutes credit.

Creation of volunteer schedule. We all need to help them to stay focus and on task

Community profile on NL blogs.

Tagging sign up sheet for Alief.

Professional Development.

Team building Game. Lunch!