Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/10/2017 Meeting

Meeting led by Nagma
  • Maintain the morning schedule, by keeping the assigned task in mind
  • Please do not leave any library card applications in the front, or else they will be turned into Monica for grading
  • Please close all the windows on the front computer before leaving from the desk
  • Temporary hold is for 24 hours only. Please put a note on the book with a date when you put it in the front shelf
  • QLESS- New reservation system piloting tomorrow at our branch  that will allow to text in reservation to get in line
  • Missing - If you are doing holds and you do not find an item, please mark that item as missing so the patron can have a different copy from another branch 
  • No cellphone usage at the front desk/passport office - If there is an emergency, answer it in the backroom
  • Labels/changing from reference to circulation