Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/3/2017 Meeting

Meeting led by Ghulam

-Ask for help or help other team members when needed
-Please follow the schedule and check frequently for any changes
-Log off from work flow and Smart money when leaving the desk
-Please remember to record stats numbers
-Please make sure all the returned items are checked in properly
-Kronos Punches (Be mindful of Kronos punches, expect an e-mail from the managers regarding this matter)

If customers wants to check In items and requests a receipt, please print check-in receipt and inform the customer about any items returned with late fees, items still out, and total dines and on the account.

Please check holds for customer by their library cards before sending them to Holds shelf. Hold items may not be there like expired holds, ILL items, hold may be at a different location or not even ready for pickup.

Please check your defensive driving course due dates in Talent Management system.
HPL ACE (Academic and continuing education) scholarship application deadline: Friday, May 5th

Handling Cash Registers – City of Houston has started to audit branches. Make sure you
-Ring up everything, for instance if you find .10 cents on floor, ring it up as book sale. No coins should be floating around anywhere. Make sure your smart money password is working. Two team members need to count the money at the end of the day; both parties should be verifying the money individually and signing off on that.  

Meeting Room Reservation
Exclusions: No personal events, No commercial meetings, No political, religious and fundraising meetings are allowed. When patrons call to ask about meeting room, first question to ask is “What is the purpose of the meeting room?”
Patrons can reserve 90 days in advance and do up to 6 reservations. (A form should be filled out for each request separately)

Introductory video “Communicating and collaborating with Microsoft office 365” is available in Talent Management System

If you have any question relating DVDs and CDs, ask Marjorie

Hold bins: Please make sure that outgoing holds are in their proper bins for delivery. All CEN and ILL items go in the left bin and all other items go in the right bins. Please remember to place all ILL AV items in bubble wrapped envelops. CMH goes to Central. 

Tagging Google Sheet: There is now a Google Sheet on our staff blog to record our tagging process. Please go over it to fill in the sections that you have completed. There is a section for “Date Completed” please fill in the best of your knowledge if previously completed.

HISD students, who come in with or without their Learning Link card, please look them up by their name or use the student ID number and print a barcode, and refer them to self-check-out. Just make sure that the barcode has a first initial of last name in front of the student ID number.
SLunch# Pin number: D.O.B

New volunteer schedule is on Alief schedule google sheets

SRP update – Jayla will be holding a training on Friday

Recycle bin near to donation books shelf? Display or crafts preparation around the assigned tables.