Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5/17/2017 Meeting

Meeting led by Analisa


If you’re at the desk and not with a customer, answer the phone.

When you finish a task, look for other ways to help.

If you are shelving CDs/DVDs and notice they are unorganized, please reorganize.

Make sure to arrange Hold Bins so they are neat and organized.

Be familiar with all areas of the library.

Make your presence known in the kids area, especially if it seems as if the kids are not supervised by parents.

Look for ways to promote classes.

If you have ideas for displays, email Michelle.

All staff must be on the floor the last 30 minutes.

Summer Reading- Miss Jayla Parks

Summer Reading Program registeration begins June 1st!!
SRP Kickoff party Junse 2nd!!!

Library Card Applications - Monica

When listing parents' name do it in this order.

If you want to list parent's D.O.B, do so in the Note section in this format.
"P1 D.O.B__/__/____"
"P2 D.O.B__/__/____"

When a patron uses their TDL or TID and the current address is listed on their ID or DL then please check two marks on the application.

For Example:


If there is ever any changes that you believe should be made on the schedule please let Marcia know.