Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5/31/2017 Meeting

Be proactive, offer assistance without been asked, practice Teamwork 

Passport – be proactive, ensure that you are coming out of the office to assist. 
QLess is not going away and will be live next month 
The last hour of scheduling is not for sitting in the work room 
Clean and straighten up 
Bookdrop, shelve AV’s and again be proactive 
Lost and Found items has been relocated (based on staff recommendations)  
Please ask customers if they have a library card if they want access to the computer 
Please have customers place books in the Book Return bin, unless they request a receipt, please don’t ask them if they want a receipt, defeating the purpose of the book return.  
We have selected one new PT-CSC, hopefully everything will be well and she can join us soon 
Be prepared to assist this summer with programming, we are short of staff and therefore please ensure that you are checking the schedule 

Assigned duties: 
Staff needs to be at their assigned tasks on time.   

Marcia, Monica and Jayla will start monitoring this and if it’s not adhered to we will start documenting and taking appropriate actions. 
If a staff member has completed their assigned tasks and not on a break or lunch, please Rove or find another task. 


Presentation of BeanStalk by Jayla and Nagma 
Presentation on creating a successful Storytime