Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6/14/2017 Meeting and Weekly Updates

1.Please continually check and follow your schedule throughout the day.     
2.Please answer the phone at all times.
3. Always count money in the back.
4. Smart Money register key, if not in use place it in glass jar in Monica's office.
5. Announcing to patrons that we are closed, please make announcement consistently starting from 45, 30, 15 minutes before the library closes. Please do not stand over customer's shoulder to tell them library is closed, help them out with what they need and have a soft closing.
6. When you are doing holds in the workroom, please remember to place them either in the outgoing bins or to place them on the holds shelf- please do not leave holds in the workroom.
7. Roving: When you are roving, please make sure you are visible out on the floor. Walk around and make sure nobody is eating, sleeping, or have taken their shoes off. Help at the desk and help to answer the phone. If you are roving and need a break, please let someone in the front know.
8. Ideas for forming a line at the desk. Is being looked in to it by Marcia, we will receive more info on this soon.
9. Teen Room: During the summer time, no adults are allowed in the teen room. There is a sign in the entrance so redirect customers to it if necessary. Everyday!
Booksale. When we receive donations, please look through it and if it needs to be thrown out then make time to do so immediately.

Nagma: JUV books have been shifted to the bottom shelves.
Passport renewal DS-11 or DS-82.
Rita: Meeting Room applications.
Jayla: SRP updates.

Weekly Updates
On Monday, June 19th we will have a new part timer, her name is Kendra Pemberton and she will be arriving around 11:15am.
We will be having CAMP STREAM at the library from June 19th through to the 21st.
Marcia will be attending ALA and will be returning on Wednesday, June 28th 2017.
Please join me in congratulating Nagma who is one of the recipients of the Houston Public Library (HPL) ACE Scholarship.
We have a new intern Tobias, as Isabel mentioned in the meeting this morning, let’s welcome in and work with him.  If we take the time to train him correctly, he will be an asset to us.
Congratulations to Jayla and the Youth Team on the hosting of our annual SRP kick-off party, we had a great turn-out.  Please assist Jayla as necessary with SRP, we have been seeing some awesome numbers for our events.
Let’s continue to use Qless as much as necessary, if we find that we have errors please notify us so that we can work with Patrick and the Vendor to try and fix.  I will keep you updated on when we go Live.  As we get closer to the start date, we will develop the language that will be used to notify customer of the new system.  I would also suggest that when customer call us now, we can let them know that we are piloting a queue system and that when they come to the library we will take their cellphone number and summon them via text when we are ready to process their applications. 
Ghulam Markhiani will be out on June 22, 23 and 26.  
If you believe that I have left any updates off or if you have an item to add, please let me know, respond separately or stop by the office, thanks.
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