Online Library Card Registration

Hello again,

Firstly, thank you for the feedback we received from your staff! We have already made some changes based on their questions.

Secondly, while we prepare staff training, an FAQ document has been added to the Training Portal (hover over Learning Resources tab then select Library Functions and look for MyLink Online Library Card):

We are using two locations to pilot the project: Central and Jungman. Because our locations vary so much, we need to figure out a designated workstation (desktop or tablet) that will function as a library card registration spot. In most cases, it will be the catalog/database computer. Once we have gathered enough data and tweaked the form, we will have a better idea about a roll out plan. In the meantime, please continue to use the paper application form (except Central and Jungman). Of course, you are welcome to direct your customers to the online form. Already about 44 customers in Texas have registered online and the form’s been live less than 2 days!

A few reminders that are necessary for staff to know:

·         There is a built-in address verification however this may not always work so you may have to use the traditional method to verify address;
·         Form will recognize a duplicate;
·         Youth registrations will take place on-site (HPL location) only;
·         Check if customer is already using Overdrive; if yes, then proceed to submit the Overdrive merge account request;
·         This is what staff will need to do to update the user record in Workflows:
o   From the Circulation tab, under the Users group, use the Modify User wizard to update the user record:
§  User ID - replace it with the 77422… barcode number;
§  Library - change it from HOU-ONLINE to your location or customer’s preferred location;
§  Profile Name - change it from PUBLIC to one that applies to the customer;
§  Change History Rule: ask the customer if they want to keep a checkout history; then change it from circrule to allcharges; remind them to opt in when they log into the library account at home. Not changing it will NOT prevent the customer from checking out items or placing them on hold;
§  If customer agrees with device checkout policy, then change user cat2 to laptop-yes under the Demographics tab.
Please continue to send your questions and suggestions to Virtual Library Services (

Please share this information with your staff.